AVAD - New Master's Program

Application Design

Technology has always been a motor for the art of filmmaking. It has given a voice to silent films, color to the classics and visual effects to blockbusters.

What are the possibilities today if the most talented and creative technical minds experiment at a film school?


Application Deadline

To enroll for the winter term 2017 the application deadline is May 12th 2017.

Hand in your application now!

Info Day

There will be a Info Day at March 25th 2017 to introduce the new Master’s program AVAD.

Stop by, have a look at the Film University, get to know the curriculum and ask all of your questions!

New Website

This website is dedicated to the new Master’s program Audio-Visual Application Design.┬áHere you will find all there is to know about the program!

However, don’t forget to also check our parent page of the Film University.