AVAD - New Master's Program

Application Design

Technology has always been a motor for the art of filmmaking. It has given a voice to silent films, color to the classics and visual effects to blockbusters.

What are the possibilities today if the most talented and creative technical minds experiment at a film school?

Modern movie productions require novel software and digital work flows. Massive amounts of data need to be handled and setups optimized. But not only the process of filmmaking demands innovative technologies, there is also the need for novel artistic expressions within the constantly growing field of audio-visual media. Unique and unheard forms of storytelling arise from the variety of possible interaction techniques, displays of all sizes and mobility and with technologies such as augmented, mixed and virtual reality. To develop and shape these new media forms, disciplines must work closely together and interdisciplinary understanding is crucial. As John Lasseter (chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios) famously said:

„The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.“



Open House at the Film University

On November 4th 2017 the Film University opens its doors for everyone. Check our main site for the official program (coming soon).

The AVAD will also open its doors. Stop by an meet the team! There will be presentations about the program, individual counseling and application coaching and the premiere of an interactive film from one of our students.