I am a computer scientist – not an artist. Is the AVAD Master suitable for me?


Being artistic is a strong description, which you absolutely don’t have to fulfil. But you have to be interested in using your computer science skill set in the context of the Film University and you have to be open to interdisciplinary work. You don’t even have to be particularly creative – but you have to work with creatives and artists.

In general, the AVAD program doesn’t aim for this one particular type of student but we rather want to bring a variety of personalities and knowledge together.

I am an artist – not a computer scientist. Is the AVAD Master suitable for me?


…as long as you are interested in working with modern media technology, you do have an understanding for it and you want to develop your technical skills.

We will test basic programming knowledge during the admission test. But failing that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will fail the whole test.

I want to be a Producer. Is the AVAD Master suitable for me?

Yes and no.

During the program you will not be producing anything but you have to execute your projects yourself. Producing is also only a aspect on the side in the AVAD curriculum.

However, there are many successful producers in the industry who have a technical background and first learned the implementation of projects before moving into producing them. Also, you are free to take classes from the Film University’s Production Master as you electives.

I am very practical. Is the AVAD Master suitable for me?

The AVAD Master is indeed a project oriented Master program. However, the first year is dominated by lectures, which also aim to develop theoretical and formal knowledge. You must partake and pass these classes in order to get the Master’s degree.

I love theoretical work and I am not so much interested in practical work. Is the AVAD Master suitable for me?


For example research projects are allowed to be theoretical as long as they are in the context of audio-visual media technologies.

However, there are quite a few lectures that will be practical and require practical work from you. You must partake and pass these classes in order to get the Master’s degree.

Which programming language do I have to use?

We believe in the freedom of choice. Currently the programming classes are taught in Python. But you are free to hand in the exercises with any language you like. For example, currently there are other projects at the Film University which use in C++, C#, Matlab and Processing.

I hate math – is this a problem?

No – as long as you are willing to deal with it anyways in the two classes “Mathematical Backgrounds I&II”.

We truly believe in the positive effects of Math in general, for example on your logical thinking and problem solving skills (and by the way – we also really like it and think that most people hating math just had a really bad education in it).

But after the two classes you are free to ignore Math as much as you like.

Do I get to work on any movie productions?

If you want to – yes!

There are many productions going on at all times at the Film University. One of these films won last year the student Oscar (yay – we are so proud).

Productions are usually pitched during university-wide presentations and everybody is free to join these team-building events. But it is also indispensable for you to get to know your peers on your own (there are also many events for that, like the “Introductions and Integration” course).

You can get credits for these type of projects for the required elective courses depending on the tasks you are responsible for. But quite frankly – many student at the Film University chose to work on interesting projects additionally without getting any credits for it.

I want to work with VR. Is that a topic in the program?


We truly believe in the rise of VR in some form or the other. All programs of the Film University are actively working on VR projects and there are a variety of 360° audio-visual media productions completed. Currently the Film University is an active member of the Innovationsforum Virtual Reality Babelsberg. We also cooperate with the Heinrich Hertz Institut, Berlin and its TiME Lab.

With VR in regard to story telling we are just at the beginning. We have to move past the spectacle and explore the actual possibilities to tell a story with this new medium (check out Chris Milks TED Talk about it – it is amazing).

I don’t have any artistic skills – can I still apply?


Being artistic is a strong description, which you absolutely don’t have to fulfil. However, we do ask for a documentation of creative-artistic / design skills for an application. But this documentation is mainly for showing that you are interested and open minded next to your technical work.

I don’t know how to program – can I still apply?


But having absolutely no programming skills is a disadvantage. You will need to compensate for that for example with an outstanding artistic qualification or a body of research work.

I am missing one or two documents for my application – can I still apply?


But we can not give any guarantee for processing incomplete applications. It is absolutely necessary to register with the Uni-Assist system in time.

We recommend to get in touch as soon as you know that you have to hand in some documents later.

What is this orientation project I have to apply with?

That project will be your first practical project at the film university and is supposed to help you to get into developing your individual skills. Also it will help us during the application process to get to know you better.

This can be a software project, a research question or an audio-visual media project such as an artistic installation. It can be a VR, AR, Mixed Reality project, sound synthesis,… you name it. You are also free to make changes to the concept once you are accepted to the program.

From experience we know the more mature your handed in concept already is, the better are the chances of being accepted to the program and to successfully realize the project in the first 6 month.

I am a student and don’t have any work experience – what should I do?

You can apply without fulfilling the required 13 weeks of practical experiences and hand in a proof that you are working on it (e.g. a contract). Then the 13 weeks have to be fulfilled by 30.09.2017.

If you are thinking about applying later and you are still looking for a place to gain the work experience, please get in touch and we might be able to help you with finding a suitable place.

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